Grants Administrator


Date: February 2024

Jobcode and Title: 1510A6 Grants Administrator (SG14,EX40)

Business Title: Senior Research Portfolio Manager

Department: 694030 Population & Quant Health Sci

School: Medicine

Location: Wood Building

Supervisor Name and Title: Cydney Johnson, Director, Administrative Operations



Working independently and with a high degree of discretion and proactive judgment, the Senior Research Portfolio Manager ensures efficient financial and administrative operations for sponsored and non-sponsored funds for principal investigators in the high-volume, fast-paced, and dynamic environment of the department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences at Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine. This position is a central position in the administrative structure of the department. The manager provides life-cycle support for both single site and complex multi-site, multi-project grants, managing a larger portion of the department’s research portfolio. The manager is a member of a faculty support team that provides the best possible customer service to the principal investigators and lab members in support of their research activities. The manager uses independent judgment and problem-solving skills to ensure compliance with sponsor and donor regulations, school and university policies, and department procedures. The manager has authority to accomplish major objectives, investigate and resolve matters on behalf of leadership, and formulate, shape, interpret, and implement management policies or operating practices. The manager will assist faculty in utilizing the university’s funding proposal software (SPARTA), as well as government submission software such as ASSIST and Workspace. This position will create monthly financial reports for the director of administrative operations, including, business model development and execution, understanding and managing regulatory compliance, managing a mixed portfolio of funding types per faculty member, and providing faculty with information on hidden costs, e.g., space, utilities, supplies, and technology to perform accurate rate projection.



  1. Administer pre award grant submissions. Assemble, review, edit, and/or correct all grant applications and post award progress reports requirements for faculty, research staff, and students for accuracy and thoroughness prior to submission through the electronic signature process. Advise and direct faculty on budget development and justifications for proposal submissions. (30%)
  2. Oversee and manage all financial, administrative, and planning aspects of the more complex, larger, multi-faceted research portfolio, including the Institute for Computational Biology (ICB). Project budget needs (including research staff retention/placement) by analyzing accepted projects on both a short and long-range basis. Make projections based on multiple items and unknown variables, analyze budget variances and recommend courses of action. Coordinate relationships with external customers, affiliated hospitals, etc. by communicating with faculty, staff, and management at those locations to assist in providing service quotes, possible service contracts through the school’s Core Facility, acting as the primary contact for information gathering, analyzing the need from an administrative perspective, and making sure the best process is used to get the project facilitated between the university and other parties. Assign staff effort prospectively based on analysis of projects and complete salary adjustments based on analysis. Prepare various analytical reports in written and graphical forms based on management needs. (20%)
  3. Oversee and manage all financial and administrative functions for faculty and research staff members in the assigned portfolio, including grant administration, monitoring of all compliance requirements and research progress, both internally to the university and across institutions. Administer post awards, including creating fiscal forecasts and monthly monitoring/ understanding of expenses from both federal and private sponsors. Approve and monitor expenditures. Work with director to prepare annual departmental budgets and quarterly forecasts. Analyze past finances and forecast out for the current fiscal year and future years’ business to include income and expenses to assist with budgeting efforts. Perform routine budget analysis on each project award to ascertain correct award amounts for parent and sub accounts as well as single projects and subcontracts. Process petitions and IPAS forms to assure continuous research activities. Monitor amount of startup packages and assist with recruitment goals. Supply projections through end-date with available direct cost balances monthly to each principal investigator along with other project information that facilitates the smooth running of each project. Conduct monthly effort/salary allocation reviews based on the workflow within each project. The research and training programs require constant monitoring and analysis to ensure that income and expenses are in sync and that effort is appropriately assigned to allow faculty and staff to confidently certify their bi-annual effort. (20%)
  4. Facilitate contract/ affiliation negotiations and management. Coordinate large, complex research projects with multiple funding sources between multiple institutions, such as the Institute for Computational Biology, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Makerere University in Uganda, University of Regensberg in Germany, and other local, state, national, and foreign institutions. Manage administration of multiple complex grants including center grants, training grants, industry projects clinical trials, etc., to include, but not limited to T32, U01, P01, multiple NIH, DOD, and NSF grants, as well as foundation awards. (20%)



  1. Work with faculty, core directors, and school leadership to create new policies and procedures for core facilities, including the Data Analytics Core. Continuously monitor for break downs in the process and re-work the process flow as needed to ensure smooth operations. Disseminate policies and procedures to faculty, staff, and students working in the core. Act as primary contact to school leadership regarding core facility matters from an administrative operations stand point. Represent the department cores at monthly meetings under the Data Analytics Core in the SOM. (5%)
  2. Train and supervise staff in departmental proposal submission, award management and core/ iLab policy and procedures. Function as the senior technical resource and advisor on financial and regulatory issues to faculty and staff. Provide leadership, advice, and guidance regarding financial and administrative policies and procedures. May mentor other research portfolio managers. (5%)
  3. Serve as backup for financial management for the department. (<1%)
  4. Serve as backup for all pre-award submissions for the department. (<1%)
  5. Perform other duties as assigned. (<1%)



Department: Daily and frequent contact with faculty and staff of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences Department and Institute of Computational Biology.

University: Daily contact with the School of Medicine Research Office; Data Analytics Core partners; Grants and Contracts Office; and collaborating Departments’ administrative staff.

External: Regular contact with all departments (VA/UHC) affiliated with SOM. Contact with federal funding agencies, industrial and nonprofit funding agencies. Contact with collaborators and their administrative operations staff at other institutions, including CCF and industries.

Students: May work with occasional student employee



Supervise the work of the department assistant 2. Mentor other research portfolio managers.



Education/Experience: Bachelor's degree in related business field and 5 or more years of experience in financial management including operational finance management, or Associate's degree in related business field and 7 or more years of experience in financial management including operational finance management. Grant management experience preferred. Master’s degree preferred.



  1. Thorough and current understanding of the web-based application processes for proposal submissions and transmissions preferred.
  2. Thorough understanding of federal guidelines and university policies regarding grant proposals.
  3. Excellent oral and written communication skills and interpersonal skills. Professional and effective verbal and written communication skills; ability to present and articulate ideas, plans, etc.
  4. Demonstrated ability to interpret and apply NIH guidelines and to guide others in learning and managing complex projects.
  5. Ability to understand the goals of the projects and funding and to develop the necessary operational systems to implement them.
  6. Strong organizational skills; ability to multi-task, prioritize and meet deadlines. Must demonstrate attention to detail and accuracy, time management skills and follow-through.
  7. Demonstrated ability and experience in taking initiative and working with others in a collaborative environment.
  8. Effective problem-solving skills; must demonstrate excellent analytical skills, sound judgement and good decision-making.
  9. Excellent computer skills experience; ability to use financial spreadsheets, NIH application software, PeopleSoft and Oracle financial system applications.
  10. Effective management skills; ability to lead, work with, elicit cooperation from, and read communication styles of team members and staff.
  11. Ability to work effectively independently with limited supervision and collaboratively within a team.
  12. Ability to learn and apply new ideas, processes, policies, functions, etc. Must be highly motivated and a self-starter.
  13. Ability to conform to shifting priorities, demands, and timeline. Must be flexible in order to respond to project adjustments and alterations promptly and efficiently. Must be able to adapt to varying workloads and respond appropriately to stressful situations.
  14. Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, eCommons, Fastlane,, etc. Ability to learn and apply software programs and applications as needed.
  15. PeopleSoft experience is a plus.
  16. Ability to interact with colleagues, supervisors, and customers face to face and through telephone calls.
  17. Ability to meet consistent attendance.



General office working environment. This position is eligible for the staff hybrid work program.


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