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We’ve made 3 incredible hires since my last email, but we’re not done yet!  If a position with a fully remote option and defined career path, at an institution who is committed to personal and professional growth, sounds intriguing, please check out our posting:


The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UT) is a research institution on the rise. After setting a new institutional record for research expenditures in fiscal year 2022, we are responding to these increases and preparing a sustainable plan to meet our future staffing needs by adding multiple new proposal coordinators in the Division of Research Administration (DRA) within the Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development (ORIED). 

Are you a research administrator looking to grow your career? If so, please consider joining our team! We are proud that UT is considered one of America’s best employers, especially for women and working parents. Whether you want to work remotely or move to our beautiful hometown, UT wants to be the place where you take the next big step in your career.




Do you have more questions about the positions or the office? Contact team lead Marie Penn ( to discover more about DRA’s team environment.


Why UT?

  • ACHIEVE YOUR POTENTIAL. DRA’s established career path provides many opportunities to grow your career and your compensation. With realistic timelines and milestones for promotion, as well as significant funding for staff development through professional organizations like NCURA and SRAi, DRA continues to build and strengthen team experience to support the UT research enterprise while allowing each individual to craft their own unique career trajectory.
  • FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE. DRA offers flexible work schedules and locations for all team members. Whether you want to work exclusively from the comfort of your own home in a fully remote position, come to campus for the complete UT experience, or enjoy a perfect hybrid of remote and in-person work—the choice is yours! No matter where you are, DRA’s unmatched team support and leadership are available to help you.
  • FIND YOUR PURPOSE. Come work where you can make a difference, and where the important work you do is recognized and appreciated—by your leadership, your team members, and the faculty you support. 


UT is so fortunate to have such an experienced and dedicated team of research administrators within DRA. In the words of UT’s Volunteer Creed, “one that beareth a torch shadoweth oneself to give light to others,” and DRA embodies this spirit, because the work that they do enables discoveries and innovations that have the potential to change the world. They are the foundation that the UT research enterprise depends on, and we simply could not move research forward without them. 

–Deborah Crawford, Vice Chancellor for Research


I’ve been on the UT faculty over 30 years, and I work with a variety of extramural funding agencies. I simply cannot say enough good things about DRA. Questions are answered quickly. Proposals are handled efficiently. Deadlines are never missed. And my errors, of which there are many, are spotted and corrected accurately. Colleagues at collaborating institutions often become jealous when they witness DRA’s atmosphere of professionalism, timeliness, alacrity, and bonhomie. Support like this is a huge factor in faculty satisfaction and retention. 

–A UT faculty member


I was a proposal coordinator in DRA 15 years ago. It was exciting to work with faculty putting rovers on Mars and discovering new elements. UT’s dedication to personal growth has led me to new opportunities in the profession. Now my excitement comes from helping research administrators take their own careers to another level and creating an infrastructure where both faculty and staff can be as successful as possible.


–David Smelser, Director of Preaward Operations



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