Director for Government & Not-for-Profit Contracting for Academic Units, Office of Sponsored Programs (Job ID 248261)

The Georgia Tech Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is responsible for non-financial central administration for all grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, and other agreements supporting research in Georgia Tech’s colleges and other units, including the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI).  Annual research awards total approximately $1.3 billion.  The Government & Not-for-Profit Contracting for Academic Units Director leads a team of over 20 professionals, including Managers, Contracting Officers and Contract Specialists, responsible for central proposal and award administration for all Government and Not-for-Profit sponsored projects supporting all units other than GTRI. These sponsored projects are managed primarily through the Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC), which receives sponsored project awards of over four hundred million dollars annually.  Responsibilities of the Director include providing leadership, developing and implementing policies and procedures, establishing team priorities, setting employee and team goals, and assessing employee and team performance.  Additional responsibilities include complex problem solving; communication with faculty, staff and administration; and working with research administration to identify and implement strategic initiatives.  The Director is also responsible for coordination between the Government & Not-for-Profit Contracting for Academic Units team and other units within the central research administration organization including those responsible for sponsored projects supporting GTRI; industry and international sponsored projects; material transfer, data use and stand-alone non-disclosure agreements; and subawards from Georgia Tech to other entities.

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