Compliance Analyst

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The Office of Research has an exciting opportunity for a Compliance Analyst to join the team.

The Research Security Specialist reports to the Director of Export Controls, which is the highest institutional level of authority for export control.

This position requires extensive and intimate knowledge of export control matters and their application to research endeavors as well as other university operations.

Export Controls involves sharing controlled items and information with a foreign national as well as shipping items to a foreign destination that may require export licensing, such as sharing proprietary or otherwise restricted information, technology, or software with a foreign national, engaging in a sponsored project where the research results must be approved by the sponsor prior to publication, projects performed abroad by UW personnel, export of tangible items outside the United States, furnishing defensive services to a foreign person or entity within the United States or abroad, and transacting with embargoed or sanctioned countries or parties. As such, the Compliance Analyst must have a thorough understanding of the complexities of export control law and procedure. This is an enterprise-wide position and affects the University’s ongoing ability to conduct research that is export controlled.


• University investigators perform world-class field programs in every corner of the globe, in addition to groundbreaking research activities that occasionally involve the use of technology and information relevant to national security. The Research Security Specialist directs and controls daily security operations, including, but not limited to, information management, physical security, personnel security, export technical classifications, compliance monitoring and audits, policy recommendations, fiscal planning, and training and education, in support of this research.
• With direct supervision by the Director of Export Controls, they will design, develop, implement, maintain, and improve various aspects of the research information security program, including, but not limited to, the following elements:
• 25% Sensitive material identification. Follow up on eGC1 security question responses to identify project-specific concerns. Collaborate with Principal Investigators and technical research staff to identify sensitive information and equipment. Using information from a variety of internal and external sources, classify equipment and technologies; specify or develop, implement, and maintain self-classification decision tools.
• 20% Sensitive material handling and storage. Identify and analyze activity-specific security issues and implement and maintain physical security controls for sensitive work and material storage areas. Develop and maintain Technology Control Plans (TCPs) documenting controls for the secure use, storage, and transmission of sensitive goods and information. Develop project-specific protection profiles for activities subject to export control and protection plans for activities with contractual security requirements. Provide institutional oversight of TCP implementation. Provide general guidance and information to units regarding deemed exports regulations. Develop and maintain procedures for marking and identifying sensitive material and technology. Investigate and report potential security violations.
• 15% Information management. Working with campus stakeholders, identify, implement, and maintain documentation for tracking export-controlled goods and technology in accordance with Federal and State statutes and policies as well as University policies. Gather and review information needed and prepare for submission to cognizant Federal agencies on behalf of the University: license applications, commodity jurisdiction requests, export classification requests, and other formal requests as required. Maintain formal documentation and records of self-determined export classifications and use of license exemptions.
• 10% Personnel security. Provide guidance in the implementation of automated tools for the screening of research project personnel and external recipients to determine federal export control status. Review H-1B and other foreign national beneficiary information as it relates to deemed export and licensing needs. Work with other campus units as needed to acquire and review associated agreements and technology/data or software associated with foreign national activity at the University. Review and approve deemed export control attestations on behalf of the University. Conduct Restricted Party Screening including individual associations with debarred parties.
• 15% Security education and awareness. Develop and deliver export control education and awareness to the broad University community: administrative staff, including purchasing, shipping, surplus, travel, environmental health and safety, and Global Operations Support; and research faculty and staff, colleges, departments, principal investigators, and students. Conduct and manage initial and refresher security education and awareness. Develop content and delivery methods. Assess employee export control awareness and receive employee acknowledgements of export control responsibilities.
• 10% Compliance. For the broad University, monitor compliance of University policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures with Federal statutes, policy, and guidance. Recommend revisions to University policies; develop and implement revisions to University standards, guidelines and procedures. Audit export-controlled activities across the University to verify compliance with University policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures.
• 5% ESCRO. Provide program support to the Human Embryo and Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight (ESCRO) Committee at the direction of the Committee Chair and the Sr. Associate Vice Provost.


• Bachelor’s degree and six years experience in export-controlled security; OR equivalent combination of education and work experience.
• Export-controlled security experience must include experience with Federal export control processes and procedures related to the Export Administration Regulations and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.
• Demonstrated ability to work independently, make critical decisions, and work effectively with all levels of UW organization and research professionals.
• Effective written and oral communication skills.


• B.S. degree in a relevant technical/engineering discipline.
• Security knowledge in defense industrial classified security.
• Knowledge of information systems security practices.
• Experience developing Technology Control Plans.
• Experience developing and delivering security awareness information.
• Experience specifying web content.



Hybrid schedule possible.


Contact Information

University of Washington Office of Research



Box 351202

Seattle, WA 98115

(206) 616-0804

Background Information

4-Year Degree


  • College/University
  • Sponsored Projects/Programs
  • Compliance
  • Administrator or Administrative

Authorized to work in the US


Target Job Information

  • Full Time