Budget Analyst

The Budget Analyst will provide oversight and support in the execution of the budget and expense to a specific portfolio consisting of Principal Investigators and/or Center/Institute Directors. This support will include pre-award, post-award, and financial management of other fund types. On the pre-award side, this position will work with research teams to develop proposal budgets, work with subcontractors to develop their budgets and other materials, complete applications such as CAYUSE and PHS forms, process RAMSeS Internal Processing Form for institutional routing, and liaison with OSR. This position will provide support for finance and post-award activities by independently reviewing and approving transactions, reconciling and reporting on various fund types, providing personnel and non-personnel projections, and acting as a liaison with central offices and sponsors. The total annual budget managed by this position will be in the range of $15-20 million with annual expenditures in the range of $5-$7.5 million.

This position will examine budgets and expenditures for compliance with applicable state, federal, and agency laws. This position will provide consultation, technical assistance, and coordination in the preparation and execution of the initial, continuation, operating, and expansion budgets through pre-award and post-award processes that will utilize multiple funding sources. This position completes or evaluates methodologies used in the preparation of proposal budgets and/or program spending forecasts and provides technical assistance to improve the accuracy of projections. The position will evaluate program, policy, and rule changes to determine their fiscal and program impact and to assure compliance with state, federal, and agency requirements. The position is responsible for the coordination and evaluation of state, federal, and agency required reports to ensure that they meet their respective requirements. The position may review and approve contract recommendations to assure that contracts are consistent with state, federal, and agency guidelines. This position will identify risk and adverse issues generated in budget and program activities, present appropriate issues and recommend solutions to management. Professional technical knowledge and analytical skills will assure that goals and outcomes are provided with effective support.

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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



123 West Franklin Street
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  • Non-Profit
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  • Sponsored Projects/Programs
  • Research Administrator/Manager
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Finance, Operations
  • Department Administrator
  • Administrator or Administrative


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  • Full Time