Director, Institute for Public Service and Sponsored Programs

The Director of the Institute for Public Service and Sponsored Programs (IPSSP) assumes overall responsibility for the research and public service components of the mission of Shippensburg University.  The director reports to the Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs. The director develops and manages all policies and procedures related to the acceptance of extramural funding to the university to support and enhance the research capabilities of faculty, administrators, and staff.   As research administrator, the director assists and advises faculty regarding issues related to faculty professional development and research.  In addition, the director manages the graduate and undergraduate research programs.  In consultation with the Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, the director is responsible for advising the University executive management team regarding policies and procedures necessary for the successful execution of research grants and sponsored projects.

The Director manages the outreach mission of the university through the public service centers and institutes, assists center and institute directors in the development of public service programs in identifying public needs, supervises the fiscal management of the projects, and provides direction for enhanced public service in consultation with center and institute directors, staff and the public. 

As research administrator, the director manages the extramural and grant contract program.  Maintains knowledge and implements all issues related to federal rules and regulations concerning extramural funding.  The director is responsible for issues related to federal certification and assurances, negotiates on behalf of the university all budgets, revisions, and oversees program implementation. Maintains compliance in all regulations, resolves differences, and assists with the legal review of all research grants and contracts. 

Reviews and disseminates published and electronic information regarding funding opportunities to faculty, administrators, and staff.  Develops and manages a system of internal controls related to grant expenditures, as printed in the Grants Handbook and other university documents.  Oversees revisions and updates to these grant-related policies and procedures on a recurring cycle. 

Assist faculty and other university personnel across all aspects of the grant writing process.  This includes identifying private and public sources of funding, application preparation, proposal development and proposal submission. The effective director will be able to navigate multiple layers of Shippensburg University’s workflow to help grantees implement their projects, including but not limited to procurement, accounting, contracting, instructional technology, human resources and the disbursement of funds in a manner consistent with accepted accounting standards, state, and federal regulations to achieve successful project outcomes.  The director will collaborate with the Shippensburg University Foundation on grant submissions managed through their protocol to ensure coherence of external funding strategy and support of faculty and staff.

Broad areas of responsibility include pre-award, post-award, award execution, regulatory compliance, project auditing, and project closeout.  

University employees may work closely with individuals of diverse backgrounds and race, as well as those of differing religious affiliations, sexual orientation and gender.  They are expected to treat individuals with respect and uphold an environment that is free of prejudicial, discriminatory or harassing conduct. 


  • Knowledgeable externally sponsored research activities, including the areas of grant proposal development (including budgets), proposal submission, grant agreements, and post-award grant administration. 
  • Familiar with a range of federal, state, and private grant-making programs, as well as the associated regulatory environment. 
  • A Master’s degree
  • 5 years related experience
  • Certified Research Administrator (C.R.A.) status or the equivalent, experience in higher education, and familiarity with a collective bargaining environment are desirable.


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Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania



1871 Old Main Drive

Shippensburg, PA 17257


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  • College/University
  • Sponsored Projects/Programs
  • Research Administrator/Manager
  • Institutional Review Board
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Department Administrator
  • Administrator or Administrative

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  • Full Time