Contracts Manager, Office of Sponsored Programs

The Wake Forest School of Medicine and Atrium Health enterprise is a top 50 national academic medical center and world class health system with an extramurally funded research portfolio of over $300M annually. We bring together high quality health care with innovative research as an academic learning health system with the goal of improving the health of our patients and communities we serve.

The department of Research Administration is a unified research entity comprised of over 300 teammates structured to provide outstanding research administration support in all research domains (e.g. basic, clinical, population) across the enterprise. The Research Administration department supports investigators and research teams through the provision of creative tools and services while maintaining the highest standards of customer service and promoting a safe, compliant and ethical research environment.


The Contracts Manager within the Office of Sponsored Programs is a leadership and working position under the direction of the Director of Contracts, the position oversees and performs the receipt, review, negotiation and execution of sponsored contracts across all regions of the Atrium Enterprise. The position will have an active portfolio of contracts activity that they are responsible for maintaining and will be expected to perform all contract-related activities assigned, including those not mentioned specifically in this job description.


  1. Provides general oversight and management of the contracts administration team.
  2. Works closely with the Director of Contracts and other contracts manager to facilitate operational activities.
  3. Serves as lead liaison with General Counsel and external partners to manage the terms and conditions appropriate for contracts.
  4. Implements personnel actions (e.g., hiring, training, promotion, termination, and organizational changes) for the OSP Contracts Team, following appropriate location-based policies and procedures.
  5. Oversees and performs the following contract activities for the Enterprise:
    1. The processing of initial routing information for all CDAs, CTAs, and MSAs; ensuring they are appropriately logged into the Huron Contracts Module;
    2. The analysis and red-lining of initial sponsor-provided documents;
    3. The integration of standard institutional language and/or the application of Master Service Agreement language within contracts;
    4. Negotiating the CDAs and MTAs with industry sponsors;
    5. Finalizing MSAs with appropriate stakeholders;
    6. The management of the contract execution process;
    7. The completion of the contracting process within pre-defined timelines.
  6. Ensures that all contract negotiation and execution responsibilities and workflows across the Enterprise are performed in conjunction with institutional and federal policies and guidelines.
  7. Assesses, implements, and continuously monitors workflow and volumes to ensure workload is balanced among team members.
  8. Monitors key performance indicators (KPIs) to include, but not limited to, contract volumes, contract receipt, negotiation and execution timelines.
  9. Develops, implements, and monitors a comprehensive training program to include career ladder development. Addresses team training needs based on team member performance and quality reviews.
  10. In conjunction with the Director of Contracts, OSP and the Office of the General Counsel, ensures that institutional policies and procedures are followed to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulatory guidelines related to clinical research contracts.
  11. Evaluates ongoing activities and services using customer feedback, system reports and metrics. Reports performance results to the Director of Contracts, OSP.
  12. Ensures compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and specific regulations by monitoring such requirements on an ongoing basis.
  13. Stays informed of developments in the field of research contracting and other related topics.
  14. Participates in internal and external meetings and committees, as assigned. Represents leadership in various meeting forums, as assigned.
  15. Manages special projects and other initiatives, as assigned.
  16. Performs other related duties incidental to work described herein.


  1. Bachelor's degree in a related field with 2-4 years of relevant experience in clinical research as a financial analyst or similar position. In some circumstances may consider equivalent years of direct research administration experience in a central office or certifications relevant to the profession in lieu of a bachelor's degree.
  2. 0-3 years of experience supervising or managing direct reports and completing performance management activities is required.
  3. Knowledge of research administration practices is required.


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and attention to detail.
  • Experience with computerized databases (e.g., Microsoft Excel), word processing (e.g., Microsoft Word), and presentation software (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint).
  • Personnel management experience.
  • Ability to work independently and to accept responsibility for complex and sensitive decision-making as it relates to the position.
  • Strong organizational skills to manage many competing priorities and responsibilities.
  • Ability to travel to Enterprise locations

Contact Information

Wake Forest University School of Medicine / Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist





Background Information

4-Year Degree


  • College/University
  • Hospital
  • Government
  • Legal
  • Compliance
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Research Administrator/Manager
  • Sponsored Projects/Programs


Target Job Information

  • Full Time