Research Grant / Contract Analyst


The responsibilities of this position are centralized to Research Administration at the main campus. The position is responsible for, negotiating a variety of contracts that include: (i.e., clinical trial, master agreements, letters of indemnification, material transfer, data use, data sharing, service, consulting, collaboration, consortium, confidentiality disclosures). This requires significant legal contract knowledge and expertise. Also responsible for the review and execution of grants and contracts with sponsors (federal, local, state, foundations, etc.) to ensure compliance with the guidance and regulations of sponsors as well as HFHS policies, regulations, the usage of funds and initiation of letters of intent. This position handles the initiation and finalization of sub-contracts with outside entitles involved in the substantive and/or programmatic aspects of sponsored projects. Working closely with Fund Accounting, is also responsible for the close-out of all grants and contracts ensuring compliance with Government auditing standards.


1. Responsible for attending NIH and Society of Research Administrations and other relevant meetings and sharing of information learned to ensure that the research office is current with all guidance.

2. Responsible for negotiating contracts directly with pharmaceutical/industry sponsors ensuring that all legal standards are upheld.

3. Responsible for being thoroughly knowledgeable of the guidelines for all Federal (NIH, AHRQ, DOD, CMS, NASA, NSF, DHHS, CDC), State, City, and Foundation grants.

4. Review complex or major research grant applications to ensure that the sponsor’s guidelines are met and that all of the required forms are completed correctly.

5. Work closely with the principal investigator and/or grant manager to ensure that the application and proposal budgets are completed correctly and on-time.

6. Prepare customized subcontract and other required agreements to institutions that are collaborating on research grants.

7. Responsible for methodically reading and negotiating all industry/pharmaceutical contracts, including nondisclosure and letters of indemnification, to ensure that the language appropriately protects the patient, employees and the institution. This requires extensive legal knowledge and expertise.

8. Responsible for the customization of a variety of agreements (i.e. data use, data sharing, material transfer and service agreements, etc.) to ensure that the appropriate protections are in place and that the research goals can be met.

9. Act as the liaison between HFHS principal investigators and sponsoring agencies to resolve problems and answer inquiries regarding the policies of HFHS, the funding agencies, or subcontractors. Advise on agency deadlines and policy changes.

10.Provide instruction and guidance to the research community on the policies and procedures of grant/contract submission and management, budget creation, conflict of interest requirement, and any other issues that impact bench, clinic and population-based research.

11.Manage the research database including report creation, which tracks program wide research activities, including funding source, investigators, budget awards, account codes, project status, etc. to ensure that all research activity is available for tracking and reporting purposes. Responsible for the accuracy of database information. 

Contact Information

Henry Ford Health System



One Ford Place

Detroit, MI 48202


Background Information

4-Year Degree


  • Hospital
  • Non-Profit
  • Government
  • Legal
  • Other
  • Compliance
  • Government
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Research Administrator/Manager

Authorized to work in the US


Target Job Information

  • Full Time