Research & Graduate Student Operations Manager

The position is responsible for operational management of the research and graduate student mission in the College of Medicine -Tucson (COM-T) interfacing, when appropriate, with other units and missions. The incumbent provides senior-level counsel and operational support with the purpose of ensuring that research administration, operational and strategic planning services are provided in the most efficient and effective manner and with the highest integrity. The position assists in the implementation of strategic planning efforts for the research and graduate student mission including the collection, monitoring and reporting on productivity measures (e.g. productivity of COM-T cores and research centers, space utilization and link to research productivity metrics). The incumbent will interface with graduate students to develop programs that bring a sense of a graduate student community within COM-T. The position has responsibility for ensuring that research operational policies and procedures are adhered to by COM-T departments and centers.

Management of Research Operations within COMT: Manage the operational activities of the research mission within the COM-T; ensure that operational research and related academic questions are answered and that research policies and procedures are being followed; review and provide recommendations on applications for COM-T Research support; facilitate recruitment at the Dean’s Office level and interdepartmental research agreements; apprise the Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and/or his/her designee of project statuses, conflicts, and potential issues.

Management and implementation of Research Strategy within COM-T: Provide strategic support to the Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and/or his/her designee on ongoing projects and initiatives that strengthen the research and graduate student mission. Work with research faculty and departmental leadership to assess research needs and planning to allow for prioritization; provide oversight and management of existing and new programmatic activities; includes assessment of national grant pay line opportunities that align across Department expertise, strategically support process/procedure development for research initiatives across COM-T; contribute to institution-wide strategic planning.

Management and implementation of Graduate Student programs and operations within COM-T: Coordinate event programs for graduate students to provide a robust environment of graduate student community within COM-T. Work with graduate group leaders on innovative approaches and implementation of graduate programs and curriculum; identify, collect and analyze graduate student metrics and provide reports to the Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and/or his/her designee and Graduate College when requested. Provide guidance and recommendations on implementation of university policy covering graduate students, graduate groups and training programs (e.g. T32).

Recruitment Management: Work with departmental and Dean’s Office leadership in the development and maintenance of research faculty recruitment and (pre-)retention plans; participate in outlining recruitment and (pre-)retention packages. Provide recommendation on approval of research faculty offer letters based upon available research-specific data. Space and Facilities Management: Lead strategic planning for space management in the COM-T and as an advisor for the COM-T space committee. Provide operational support for the Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and/or his/her designee in his/her role on the Space Committee; oversee the completion of an annual COM-T space survey, daily management of space, construction and equipment issues, and the creation and implementation of space strategic plans to ensure efficient and effective space utilization.

Budget Management: Working with the Deputy Dean for Finance and/or his/her designee, advise the Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and/or his/her designee regarding ongoing research budget issues both in departments and in the Research Section of the Dean’s Office program budgets; develop budgets and financial models for existing and proposed programs/recruitments; contribute to annual research and graduate student budgeting guidelines with respect to research and graduate student funds flows; participate in the COM-T Research and Graduate Student budget allocation approval process; monitors expenditures against research and graduate student unit budget; prepares necessary documentation for supervisor review/approval; tabulates budgetary data, calculates figures, and checks for accuracy; review and provide recommendations on departmental capital renovation projects; alert leadership to policy issues resulting from financial decision making.

Preferred Qualifications: Master's or Doctoral degree in the field of biological sciences or nursing.

Contact Information

The University of Arizona



1501 N Campbell Ave
PO Box 245019
Tucson, AZ 85724


Background Information

4-Year Degree

Minimum of 5 years o

  • College/University
  • Administrator or Administrative
  • Business Manager
  • Finance, Operations
  • Research Administrator/Manager

Authorized to work in the US


Target Job Information


  • Full Time