Manager, Strategic Partnership Agreements Group

The ORNL Strategic Partnership Agreements group is responsible for the processes and functions that underpin non-DOE research partnerships whereby ORNL performs research, collaborates, provides use of facilities, and loans staff to other DOE contractors, federal agencies, academia, and industry.  Through a portfolio of contract and agreement types, federal and non-federal entities have access to ORNL’s highly specialized facilities, unique technical expertise, and equipment that are not available elsewhere in the U.S. Use of ORNL’s capabilities allow these entities to accomplish goals that may otherwise be unattainable and avoids potential duplication of research efforts.  The Strategic Partnerships Agreements group facilitates the approvals necessary for ORNL to enter into such R&D partnerships and emplaces any agreements/contractual vehicles required with the non-DOE partners. More information:





  • Supervises a team of approximately 10 staff members, consisting exempt agreement administrators and nonexempt support staff.
  • Maintains a professional, collaborative relationship with DOE counterparts that is based on open lines of communication.
  • Develops and maintains group procedures in accordance with the DOE Prime Contract, applicable regulations, DOE Orders, and sound businesses practices.
  • Serves as subject matter expert on the legal, regulatory, and policy underpinnings of non-DOE research partnerships at DOE national laboratories, and on the practice of successfully negotiating the terms and conditions of agreements in this space.
  • Reviews strategic partnership transactions and funding packages for compliance with requirements, both pre- and post-award.
  • Identifies, implements, and maintains a suite of Key Performance Indicators to measure the performance of the group.
  • Is the point of contact for audit activity. Coordinates dissemination of data to audit and other organizations.
  • Participates in various review activities with other ORNL organizations and other DOE contractors.
  • Maintains a regular interface with the company’s Office of General Counsel, Manager of the Prime Contract and DOE Contracting Officers.
  • Responsible for developing and implementing Strategic Partnership training programs.
  • Develops and maintains basic and special reports and presentations regarding strategic partnership activity, status and business management data.
  • Coordinates the configuration of SAP and establishes/maintains business rules for the SAP system consistent with ORNL practices and company level procedures.





  • A bachelor’s degree in a business or technical field
  • 5 years management experience in a “funds in” contracting position in an R&D environment
  • Expert knowledge in the unique laws governing Intellectual Property rights in a DOE or other federal setting and an understanding of data rights/copyright laws and policies in a federal environment, to include patent rights and the rights of non-profit contractors in patentable inventions under the Bayh-Dole Act
  • Expertise in negotiating contract terms that comply with policies regarding funding, patent rights, and data rights


Qualifications Desired:


  • 10 years’ experience managing a sponsored research contracting team in a DOE setting
  • A bachelor’s degree in a technical field
  • A graduate degree in business or a technical field
  • Experience with the following DOE programs: Strategic Partnership ProjectsCollaborative Research & Development AgreementsUser Facility AgreementsIntergovernmental Personnel Act Mobility Program Agreements, and Inter-Entity Work Orders.
  • Experience developing and evaluating proposals to perform work for both government agencies and industry.
  • Experience negotiating technology licenses (patent and copyright) on behalf of an entity entitled to Bayh-Dole rights.
  • Experience negotiating terms and conditions with non-federal entities, with emphasis on patent and data rights.
  • Experience with the Federal Acquisition Regulation as it pertains to government contractors.
  • Ability to communicate with a diverse range of technical and business staff and clients, foster trust and cooperation, and possess the ability to supervise and motivate staff effectively.
  • Experience responding to both internal and external auditors including, but not limited to, the DOE Inspector General and U.S Government Accountability Office.
  • Demonstrated experience in providing customer-focused service delivery programs and ability to meet customer/client expectations with an emphasis on quality, quantity, and timeliness of work.
  • Proven ability to work methodically and accurately in times of high workload and tight timeframes.
  • Ability to use initiative to develop and recommend alternative solutions and strategies, within the team and with outside stakeholders.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to exercise appropriate levels of diplomacy where required.
  • Strong leadership, business management, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work as a multi-functional team member and to contribute to a spirit of team cooperation.
  • Broad knowledge of the legal and policy bases for allocation of rights in patents and data when a federal laboratory, particularly a contractor-operated DOE national laboratory, performs research in partnership with non-DOE entities.


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