Business Manager 2-Physiology

Reporting to the Department Head/Center Director and the Associate Dean for Fiscal Affairs, incumbent is responsible for managing all fiscal and administrative matters of the department/center in an independent manner. The Business Manager is responsible for maintaining the fiscal integrity of the department/center; this includes but is not limited to ensuring that all expenditures are within budgets and available sources of funding. Incumbent will educate the faculty on funds management and will be responsible for implementing and adhering to all relevant rules, regulations and procedures as they relate to the administrative and financial operation of the department/center.

Contact Information

LSU Health New Orleans

School of


New Orleans, LA


Background Information

4-Year Degree


  • College/University
  • Business Manager
  • Compliance
  • Department Administrator
  • Finance, Operations
  • Grants and Contracts

U.S. Citizen


Target Job Information

  • Full Time