Administrative Director -RTMCC -San Antonio, TX

Job Summary:

The Administrative Director of TBCE (TB Center of Excellence) is responsible for providing administrative vision, direction, leadership, and oversight of all Center of Excellence activities and those of all other grants, contracts, and research initiatives awarded to Heartland NTBC (HNTC) as directed by the Medical Director and Advisory Committee. Position works closely with the Advisory Committee, domestic and international federal and state government officials, federal/state and local public health agencies, academic institutions, and private providers. Responsible for grant/contract, fiscal and program development and management of all HNTC activities. Ensures a culture of communication, recognition and collaboration in all internal and external activities.

Major Responsibilities / Duties / Critical Tasks:

  • Under the direction of the Principal Investigator/Medical Director, the Executive Director is responsible for overall planning, direction and management of the Center.
  • Develops and implements strategic plans that meet Center goals and objectives created in partnership with multiple agencies and provides complex executive work leading the day-to-day direction, guidance, coordination, administration, operations, planning and marketing functions including developing, monitoring, and sanctioning activities. 
  • Responsible for writing grants and contracts, renewals, technical reviews, scopes of work, budgets and reporting requirements. Cultivates partnerships with multiple national and international partners and city and federal agencies to ensure Center and University visibility and advancement. 
  • Participates on various state, national and international workgroups representing the Center and setting standards for Centers of Excellence processes. 
  • Develops Center evaluation and performance plans to ensure continuous program quality improvement; oversees training and educational needs assessment and evaluation activities. Works with multiple agencies to develop relationships and mini-fellowship and residency experiences.
  • Responsible for developing programming including writing technical guidelines and workplace applications to institutional review boards. 
  • Implements policies and procedures to ensure department is well managed and in sound financial condition. 
  • Ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations; consistent, fair and rational administration of policies and procedures, and timeliness in meeting deadlines.
  • Develop positive relationships with key stakeholders, including domestic and international governmental agencies, academic institutions, etc. 
  • Responsible for the leadership, supervision and oversight for all aspects of the Center and ensures that policies/procedures set forth by the Advisory committee are followed, federal rules/regulations pertaining to the operative agreement are followed, performance measures met, and grant activities managed and that identified needs, goals, and objectives of the Center are established and met. 
  • Conducts business with the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. Assures support of and compliance with Health Center's Fraud Policy. 
  • Provides customers with a service that assures they are listened to, understood, cared for and treated fairly and courtesy, intelligently, individually and respectfully. Analyzes partner needs and develops innovative solutions; represents HNTC at meetings and conferences. 
  • Ensures work practices meet Health Center and departmental health, safety, and security requirements.
    Fiscal Activities:
  • Identifies and evaluates potential grant/contract opportunities and proposals to ensure domestic and international growth opportunities. 
  • Responsible for the development and management of multiple contracts and grants including national and international opportunities along the US/Mexico border, in the Pacific Islands, and projects in collaboration with the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine, and other national global partners. 
  • Responsible for budget development, implementation and monitoring ensuring funding supports scopes of work and staffing needs for successful outcomes. 
  • Negotiates scopes of work and budgets with federal Grants Management Offices and uploads required documents into federal tracking systems.
  • Successfully manages grant, contract and budget audits. Studies and analyzes financial and programmatic operations, and presents reports and/or possible solutions to anticipated problems. 
  • Measures, evaluates reports on operational performance and develop plans to improve relevant key performance indicators. Ensures segregation of duties and directs timely and accurate monthly reconciliation of statements of accounts. 
    Human Resources:
  • Timeliness and accuracy in completing objective performance appraisals. 
  • Compliance with Human Resource Policies, including time and attendance, non-discrimination and affirmative action. Mandatory training compliance. 
  • Ensures staff growth, retention and morale. 
  • Communicates with staff to handle resolution of employee issues, concerns and conflicts, identify new opportunities, build trust and transparency and facilitate collaboration in the workplace.

Determines methods for improving overall employee satisfaction and offers support to each staff member

  • Ensures that the HNTC culture supports each person in achieving career goals within the organization. Empowers the team with the leadership and resources needed to successfully complete initiatives.
  • Ensure staff members are aligned with HNTC's mission and vision to successfully achieve strategic objectives. Proactively address internal and external challenges effectively while maintaining a success-oriented and professional demeanor. 

Contact Information

University of Texas Health Science Center Tyler, TX



11937 Highway 271

Tyler, TX 75708


Background Information


10 years of experien

  • Non-Profit
  • Administrator or Administrative

U.S. Citizen


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  • Full Time