Assistant Dean for Grants and Contracts - University of Rochester

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Provide project development and pre-award assistance as needed for research proposals originating in the Arts, Science & Engineering (AS&E) with primary responsibility for those from the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS), as part of the Research Team led by the AS&E Dean for Research. Principal duties include pre-award support for large and complex projects and/or those for which there is not support at the  Department/Institute/Program/Center level. Engage in communication of research opportunities to the SAS community. Review and process applications for research support in coordination with departmental administrators and ORPA to ensure compliance with agency regulations and University policy.  Work with the AS&E Research Team and AS&E Deans to identify candidates for honorific awards, and develop nomination packages. Work with the AS&E Research Team and AS&E Deans on new and continuing strategic research initiatives.


Note:  scope and/or scale of some items below will vary depending on number of staff and their experience levels within individual departments, and complexity of the project or grant.

Grant Applications (Pre-Award Activities):

  • Provide pre-award assistance to faculty pursuing grant opportunities, especially large and complex multi-institutional efforts. 
  • Draft and organize approvals for required AS&E letters of support.
  • Review requests for cost sharing.
  • Serve as administrative liaison to Foundation Relations on applications to private foundations.
  • Provide administrative review of applications for research support; review and monitor compliance with agency and University requirements and regulations. 
  • Support and coordinate honorific award packages for faculty nominations

Identify and Communicate New Grant Opportunities and Honorific Awards:

  • Research and interpret information about funding opportunities and requirements (in coordination with ORPA), communicate to appropriate investigators and administrators, including a monthly summary to SAS and individual outreach more often as appropriate.

Strategic Initiative Support:

  • Assist select priority strategic efforts identified by the AS&E Deans in organizing initial workshops and meetings, targeted funding identification and training of stakeholders 
  • SAS reporting on key research metrics
  • Faculty and Departmental Administrator Training
  • Organize tutorial sessions on proposal writing in SAS domain areas for faculty, with focus on junior faculty
  • Organize training for SAS Administrative Assistants on proposal submission.
  • Organize training for SAS Administrative Assistants on searching for new proposal opportunities 

Technical Development and Processes:

  • Assist with limited submission applications and selection
  •  Support seed funding initiatives - PumpPrimer Seed Funding, University Research Awards 
  •  Web site updates (e.g. maintaining good stuff for PIs for proposal)

Contact Information

University of Rochester



306 Lattimore Hall

Rochester, New York 14620

(585) 472-2449

Background Information

4-Year Degree

Minimum 5 years of r

  • College/University
  • Research Administrator/Manager
  • Grants and Contracts

U.S. Citizen


Target Job Information


  • Full Time