Technical Grant Writer for petrol-free plastic solution

Good Earth Minerals, a Denver-based mining and minerals company with multiple subsidiaries, is focused on ways to use GEM’s extensive, high-grade calcium sulfate dihydrate resources in high-value applications that address multiple global crises. To quote the company, “We are serious about slowing climate change, transforming the way we conduct agriculture, preserve food, and produce industrial products.”

One of these subsidiaries is Selecor Technologies. Selecor has partnered with two nationally recognized labs to develop a proprietary engineered application for their material that provides a natural/organic filler solution for plastic – offering a petrol chemical-free alternative to today’s plastics that are wreaking environmental havoc. And, unlike some other starch-based plastics, plastics made using Selecor’s micro-fibers are very strong (and fire retardant).

This solution will make a REAL difference in the future of the planet. Selecor’s technology take this two steps further.

  1. When Selecor’s filler degrades, it can be made into a mulch or other spreadable substance to be used as an agricultural additive or supplement to provide nutrients to the soil, and
  2. The process to manufacture plastic using Selecor’s filler has a ~75% smaller carbon footprint than the process to make traditional plastic owing to significantly reduced energy requirements to manufacture and much lower greenhouse gas creation.

Selecor has done preparation work for nearly 200 patents and is ready to further commercialization of the offering. To proceed, the company is working to raise capital via multiple channels, including via federal grant programs. The DoD, NIH, USDA, NSF (and other departments and institutes) all have SBIR programs that would be well suited for GEM and Selecor.

Thus, GEM is seeking a technical grant writer (ideally with a successful track record) who can partner with Selecor's technical and engineering professionals (who will provide content) and identify and write successful grant applications to fund continuance of Selecor’s work. 

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