Senior Contracts and Grants Officer

The Senior Contracts and Grants Officer is responsible for providing institutional-level sponsored programs administration services to a portfolio of academic departments and research units, including acting as an institutional liaison with extramural sponsors. The duties of this position include (but are not limited to): the review, analysis and endorsement of proposals; analysis of award (e.g., grants, cooperative agreements, contracts) terms and conditions; negotiation and acceptance/execution of sponsored agreements; providing advice to faculty and staff regarding sponsored programs issues; interpreting a broad range of sponsor policies, government regulations and award terms and conditions; negotiating and executing subcontracts under UC Riverside's prime; coordinating and/or approving prior approval requests and facilitating award close-out, and participating in the presentation of research administration training courses. This position also interacts with a variety of campus and system-wide offices to facilitate the management, administration and conduct of sponsored programs. There are multiple positions available at various levels for the Contracts and Grants Officer recruitments. The hiring department can recruit and fill this role at different levels within the position classification series. This position is posted here as a Senior Contracts and Grants Officer (job #202001081004) and as a Principal Contracts and Grants Officer (job #202001081003). Applicants are encouraged to review both positions to determine the best match for their skills and experience. All applicants will be assessed based on the minimum requirements for the level(s) for which they applied. If you wish to be considered in multiple pools or are unsure, please apply for both positions.

Contact Information

University of California, Riverside



900 University Ave

Riverside, CA 92521


Background Information

4-Year Degree

4- 7

  • College/University
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Sponsored Projects/Programs


Target Job Information


  • Full Time