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A.T. Still University is seeking a Director of Sponsored Programs. The director of sponsored program’s primary duties require advanced knowledge, creative talent, and a career track record in the specialized field of pre-award grantsmanship and grants/research administration, including original programmatic conceptualization, nationally competitive writing/editing, and advanced grant budgeting expertise. The purpose of this dynamic, pre-award grants leadership position is to build and increase Sponsored Program (SP) grant revenue, quality, and capacity on ATSU’s MO campuses (Kirksville & St. Louis), emerging California campus, and beyond, by providing SP guidance and grants development expertise to KCOM, CGHS, MOSDOH and other MO campus and University-wide departments/divisions. Specifically, the primary function is to lead and supervise a highly accomplished MO campus pre-award SP grants team (consisting of proposal development specialists) to achieve greater benchmarks in SP grant awards, funding levels, quality/reviewer scores, and project-related outcomes; helping to advance ATSU’s mission, vision, and strategic directions via extramural funding.

Must have a demonstrated and proven track-record of successfully securing and managing federal, state, and private grant awards (e.g., from HRSA, NIH, AHRQ, SAMHSA, states, foundations, etc.).

NOTE: BS/BA degree or above is desired, or a relevant combination of education/specialty certification (see below) and prior professional experience. Must have 5+ years of experience in pre- and post-award grantsmanship, and specialty knowledge/track record in research proposal development.

Specialty designation of Certified Pre-Award Research Administrator (CPRA®), Certified Research Administrator (CRA®), or Certified Financial Research Administrator (CFRA) is desired, but will allow/promote on-the-job certification, if warranted. [See Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC) at:] Alternate desired certification is the Certified Grant Writer® Professional Credential (or equivalent), which is another industry standard certification for professionals in the field of grantsmanship. This certification demonstrates proficiency in researching grant opportunities, conceptual program development, competitive proposal writing, preparing detailed budgets for grants, and professional ethics. [See]


Administrative Responsibilities
- Lead and supervise the MO campus pre-award grants team (consisting of proposal development specialists) to achieve greater benchmarks in SP grant awards, funding levels, and project-related outcomes.
- Develop strong SP alliances with the deans and faculty/researchers of KCOM, CGHS, MOSDOH, the A.T. Still Research Institute, Museum of Osteopathic Medicine, and other University-wide departments/divisions.
- Develop strong SP alliances and synergy, focused on pre-award development, with the ATSU CFO and Finance Office, as well as with all relevant/involved University officials.
- Establish strong relationships with promising SP grant sponsors (at the federal, state, and foundation levels, etc.) to develop effective SP alliances with external grant sponsors/officials.
- Lead and participate in the SP strategic planning, personnel planning/evaluation, and workload allocation processes—forming a quality circle of excellence with all fellow SP directors.
- Lead/participate in SP/University policy development, review, interpretation, monitoring, and compliance.

Pre-award Proposal Development/Leadership
- Research, analyze, and recommend to ATSU officials/leaders viable and promising grant funding sources that both match and advance ATSU’s mission, vision, strategic plan, and related academic/service priority areas. Must command and utilize a University-wide perspective, and nurture internal and external partners/community collaborators.
- Analyze and incorporate current literature, industry best practices, and evidence-based practices into the design of competitive SP grant proposals. Also, collect, analyze, and/or design relevant data sets, survey instruments, etc.
- Build/increase SP grant revenue, quality, and capacity on the MO campus and beyond, by providing SP leadership and grants expertise to KCOM, CGGS, MOSDOH, the A.T. Still Research Institute, Museum of Osteopathic Medicine, and other MO Campus and University-wide departments/divisions.
- Lead the MO campus pre-award development team and process, mentoring MO Campus staff and principal investigators/project directors (i.e., faculty) to increase the production of award-winning and nationally competitive extramural SP grant proposals.
- Design and help negotiate, at the pre-award level, MOUs, MOAs, subaward/contractual agreements, etc. specific to advancing SP competitive grant proposals.
- Lead SP proposal and document development efforts, serving as first author/editor of MO Campus extramural proposals, resulting in high quality, competitive, and funded proposals that surpass the external competition.

Post-award Functions
- Collaborate and synergize with the SP post-award team and PIs, and advise on and help problem-solve issues on high profile post-award projects, so that ATSU is well positioned and remains competitive to re-apply for future follow-up grant funding.
- Oversee select post-award budgets, reporting, compliance, and dissemination functions.

Contact Information

A.T. Still University



800 W Jefferson St

Kirksville, Missouri 63501


Background Information

4-Year Degree


  • College/University
  • Administrator or Administrative
  • Department Administrator
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Research Administrator/Manager
  • Sponsored Projects/Programs

Authorized to work in the US


Target Job Information


  • Full Time