Position Summary

The Executive Director provides leadership to and is responsible for the overall operation of the Western Institute for Biomedical Research (WIBR).  He or she will protect the organization’s financial resources while ensuring compliance with applicable sponsor, federal and state requirements.  The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and supervises a Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.     

Organization Overview

WIBR is a member of the National Association of Veterans’ Research and Education Foundations (NAVREF), a network of 65 organizations, with oversight by the VA Nonprofit Program Office (NPPO). 

WIBR provides administrative and financial management services to the investigators of the George E. Wahlen VA Medical Center for non-VA federal grants (such as DOD and NIH) along with private foundation awards and industry-sponsored contracts.  WIBR works closely with investigators and their staff to provide pre- and post-award administrative support, including application planning, budget information, contract negotiation, award setup, subcontracting, purchasing, payroll management, and preparation of financial reports.  In addition, WIBR supports educational opportunities such as a pharmacy internship mentoring program. 

Nearly two-thirds of the WIBR funding portfolio is from federal, non-VA sources, with remaining dollars coming from industry and foundations.  WIBR currently assists about 50 investigators and has an annual budget of $5.5M.  With substantial financial growth over the past five years, and with the support of the Board of Directors, WIBR is positioned to explore avenues for program growth and enhanced services for its researchers.

The Opportunity

The Executive Director will have a critical leadership role in program review, strategic planning, and development and implementation of short and long-term goals. He or she will drive key programmatic changes and advance WIBR’s mission to serve VA researchers and enhance Veterans’ lives. 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for overall unit performance.
  2. Oversee and manage daily operations. 
  3. Financial management.  Ensure that resources are in place to meet mission goals.  Coordinate budget processes; revenue generation; and financial planning, monitoring and reporting systems.  Prepare annual budget.  Provide monthly account reports and quarterly comparative financial statements to the Board of Directors. 
  4. Regulatory Compliance.  Ensure compliance with relevant state and federal laws and regulations and with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). 
  5. Clinical Trials.  Work with the PI, project sponsor, and VA Office of General Counsel to prepare, negotiate and finalize clinical trial Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs).  Provide clinical trial test costs to study staff for use in budgets. 
  6. Other Grant/Contract Applications.  Meet with PIs to discuss planned applications and provide information for submission documents.  Confirm administrative support and information to be provided by WIBR.  Work with investigators and research teams as needed through application submission.
  7. Investigator Support.  In addition to pre-award planning, meet quarterly or as requested by WIBR principal investigators to review project status and problem-solve. 
  8. Indirect Cost Submission.  Lead the submission and negotiation process with the Office of Naval Research. 
  9. Process Improvement.  Recommend strategies to address issues, increase efficiency/effectiveness, and improve overall business operations.
  10. Service Culture.  Assist investigators and staff as needed to ensure responsive, quality service to investigators, research team members, and other colleagues.
  11. Board Functions. With the Board of Directors, propose and set key goals for the organization and work systematically to meet them.  Provide appropriate information and advice/counsel.  Recommend policy changes.  Ensure that Board committees and efforts are well-organized and funded. Regularly inform the Board of internal organization matters, including staffing and funding issues and program successes and priorities.  Prepare reports as requested. 
  12. Fundraising.  Explore new avenues for philanthropy to help advance research and education opportunities to improve VA healthcare.


  1. Preferably, the candidate will have non-profit (501c3) management experience, including management of research grants from multiple non-VA sources (other federal sponsors, industry, foundations). 
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of clinical trials administrative, contracting and financial best practices
  3. Experience in accounting, supervisory principles and practices, fiscal management, budget preparation and forecasting, and purchasing
  4. A demonstrated facility for strategic planning and program assessment
  5. Commitment to innovation and results; a “can-do" attitude with an emphasis on accountability
  6. Staff leadership and team-building abilities
  7. Excellent communication and presentation skills
  8. Integrity and a strong work ethic
  9. An entrepreneurial approach balanced with respect for regulatory, fiscal, and legal requirements
  10. MBA or equivalent degree preferred

Email a resume and cover letter, outlining your qualifications for the position, to Kbryan820@comcast.net.  Applications accepted through 12/15/19.     

Inquiries can be directed to Daniel Clegg, M.D., Chair of the Board of Directors, at Daniel.Clegg@hsc.utah.edu.

Contact Information



Clegg, MD

Salt Lake City, UT 84108


Background Information

4-Year Degree


  • Government
  • Non-Profit
  • Hospital
  • College/University
  • Sponsored Projects/Programs
  • Research Administrator/Manager
  • President, CEO, Executive Director
  • Institutional Review Board
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Government
  • Finance, Operations
  • Department Administrator
  • Compliance
  • Business Manager
  • Administrator or Administrative

Authorized to work in the US


Target Job Information


  • Full Time