Grants Contracts Technician

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This position supports the financial health of a grant-funded research center, working closely with the CASLS director and associate director. The position serves as a post-award grant administrator, maintains a shadow system, processes accounts receivable and accounts payable, adjusts accounts as needed, prepares budgets for projecting expenditures and forecasting income, and prepares financial projections.

Minimum Requirements
• 12 quarter hours (8 semester hours) of accounting courses AND two years of experience which included preparing financial reports; making annual or biennial closing entries; interpreting financial data and advising administrators; OR
• An associate’s degree in accounting; OR
• An equivalent combination of education and experience.

Professional Competencies
• Analytical skills to review and interpret complex data.
• Ability to communicate clearly in writing and in person.
• Ability to work with non-native speakers of English.

Preferred Qualifications
• Familiarity with cost accounting principles.
• Familiarity with OMB Circular.
• Advanced knowledge of Excel.
• Experience with federal and local grant budgets.

Contact Information

University of Oregon



Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS)
5290 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97477


Background Information

High School

  • College/University
  • Sponsored Projects/Programs
  • Research Administrator/Manager
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Finance, Operations
  • Department Administrator
  • Administrator or Administrative

Authorized to work in the US


Target Job Information

  • Full Time