Senior Associate Sponsored Research Analyst (Contracts)

This position is located in the Industry Contracting Group in the Office of Technology Transfer


  • Provides assistance to faculty and staff in preparing proposals for contractual awards with complex terms and conditions.
  • Reviews sponsored research contractual terms/conditions and seeks guidance from supervisors and/or General Counsel as needed.
  • Negotiates and draft sponsored research agreements and subcontracts with funding agencies/sponsors. Interacts with funding agencies/sponsors, faculty and staff to resolve institutional, regulatory, and contract management issues.
  • Prepares Notice of Award Acceptance documents, ensures accuracy of administrative and financial award information.
  • Responds to sponsor/agency, faculty or staff requests for additional information and/or clarification.
  • Ensures appropriate certifications are obtained by faculty and forwarded to sponsor/agency.
  • Coordinates getting required approvals or certifications from the appropriate organizational committees such as the Institutional Review Board and the Institutional Animal Use and Care Committee.
  • Ensures funding agencies receive required approval letters.
  • Ensures all compliance and regulatory requirements have been met as required by law, institutional or agency/sponsor policies.
  • Maintains required records.
  • Handles non-financial post-award activities such as reviewing and drafting amendments, modifications and addendums.
  • Assists in organizing educational seminars/workshops for faculty and staff.
  • Performs related responsibilities as required.


  • Bachelor's degree in business management, applied science or a related field and three (3) years of related experience.
  • Certified Research Administrator preferred.
  • Strong communication (verbal and written), negotiation and customer service skills.
  • Ability to synthesize and apply complex information.

Contact Information

Emory University



Office of Technology Transfer
1599 Clifton Road NE, 4th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30322

(404) 712-2605

Background Information

4-Year Degree

Bachelor's degree in

  • Legal
  • Government
  • Non-Profit
  • College/University
  • Sponsored Projects/Programs
  • Research Administrator/Manager
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Compliance

Authorized to work in the US


Target Job Information

  • Full Time