Grant Manager

The Grant Manager will be responsible for the management of an award portfolio for multiple departments and Principal Investigators. This position is a hands-on grants management role that requires extensive familiarity with all aspects of post-award management. S/he will advise PIs on the status of their sponsored funding and will act as the point of contact in this regard.

The Grant Manager will oversee the management of sponsored awards, focusing primarily on extramural funding. At time of award, the Grant Manager will be responsible for setting up the research award in the financial system. S/he will review all award terms and conditions and ensure awards are set up in compliance with Sponsor and Institution policies and procedures. S/he is responsible to determine and setup budgetary controls for the different types of awards, based on award type and award notice as well as confirm all compliance is in place prior to award setup.

The Grant Manager will be responsible for managing awards throughout the lifecycle of the project. S/he will ensure spending is in line with the Uniform Guidance, Sponsor and Institutional policies and procedures, where applicable. 

S/he will work with the faculty, department administrators and HR to ensure personnel and students hired are on the appropriate grants. S/he will monitor the payroll of all personnel for both the State and the Research Foundation offices to ensure appropriate effort and cost share are correctly applied. S/he will ensure cost share commitments recorded meet sponsor and institutional policy. S/he will work closely with faculty, department administrators and HR to ensure timely certification of effort reports. The Grant Manager will review and approve retroactive payroll cost transfers as needed.

The Grant Manager will monitor OTPS expenses for those items that require prior approval and/or are high risk to ensure spending is allowable, allocable and reasonable, according to awarded budget. S/he will be responsible to monitor sub award spending on grants and contracts. S/he is responsible to run reports from the financial system to review and monitor project balances. S/he will meet with faculty regularly to ensure ongoing oversight of spending and balances.

The Grant Manager must be knowledgeable of federal and foundation grants and cooperative agreements. S/he should have a working knowledge of federal, industry, state and city contracts. It is the responsibility of the grant manager to ensure compliance throughout the lifecycle, working closely with the Project Associates in Sponsored Programs Administration as well as other central offices: Institutional Review Board (IRB), the Office of Animal Welfare (IACUC) and the Office of Compliance and Audit Services (OCAS).  

Requirements: Requires a bachelor's degree OR equivalent in education and experience, plus four years of related experience.

Preferred: Experience with grants and contracts in a university or academic healthcare/basic science research setting.

Contact Information

RF SUNY @ Downstate Health Sciences University



450 Clarkson Avenue
MSC 129
Brooklyn, New York 11203


Background Information

4-Year Degree

4+ years of related

  • College/University
  • Hospital
  • Non-Profit
  • Government
  • Administrator or Administrative
  • Government
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Research Administrator/Manager
  • Sponsored Projects/Programs
  • Other

U.S. Citizen


Target Job Information


  • Full Time